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Clueless about what actually is the breakpoint in tennis? This article untangles your curiosity with a detailed answer.

Don’t we all love to play tennis on a sunny day with our companions and have a healthy day? Tennis, as we all know, is a physically active game and keeps you healthy and fit. For playing tennis we all must be aware of the simple rules which are to be followed upon.

Some of the beginners mostly love to play the singles game because it is easy and simple with no such complicated rules, while the ones who have more grip in the tennis game, they can easily get in singles as well as doubles.

Apart from game types, there are also different positioning rules of the players which need to be observed as well as rules of obtaining points in the tennis game. Talking about points, many people would not be aware of the breaking point in a tennis game.

Well, haven’t you heard of the term “converting a breakpoint or saving a breakpoint in tennis”? Let me ask you what is a breakpoint in tennis? If you are not sure or don’t have any idea about it, let’s discuss it below. We’ve find out the best way to practice your tennis game with yourself.

What Is A BreakPoint In Tennis? | Learn To Master

BreakPoint in tennis is the endpoint of the game after which occurs the most crucial situation of the game that either benefits one player or the other. In simple words, if you are met with receivers shot in the game, as such that you are only a point away from winning, then that is the breakpoint of the game.

Breakpoint either leads the player to win the game or benefits the opponent to break his lead in the game.

Conditions Of Breakpoints In Tennis

There are two cases of breakpoints in a tennis game. It depends on the gameplay, and the situation of the game whether it goes in favor of the serving person or in favor of the receiving player.

The First Case

As stated earlier, the first case is the one in which the receiver has to attain the next point setting the match on his side to win the game. Let’s say if there is a match between Novak Djokovich and Roger Federer and Djokovich is at the receiving end, where he has led the game to a score of 30-40 in his favor with a backhand shot.

So Djokovich is now only a single point away from the win, which is the breakpoint of this game for him.

The Second Case

Now the second case which can be counted as the breakpoint of the game is when the serving person is winning the game and the set, the receiver has to break his lead to set the game in his favor. He must “break” the challenger’s serve in order to reverse his play.

A breakpoint can be concluded from four of the possible scores in the game: 0-40,15-40,30-40,40-40, even if in a case the serving player does not get the advantage of breaking the tie from Deuce.

Deuce occurs when to break the tie one of the players must score 2 points in a row, and scoring one point gives them an advantage. Learn how tennis scoring rules work.

Frequently Ask Question | What Is A BreakPoint In Tennis?

What does breakpoint indicate?

The breakpoint of the game generally indicates the situation where the match becomes more critical or the point which the player gives under stress. It comes when a player has to score at the next service to win the set or the match.

What is the advantage of a break in tennis?

Essentially, the advantage of the breakpoint of the game is to win the game, for the player who is an inch closer to winning the set or the match. But, if not, then the player gets a chance to break the opponent’s serve in order to turn the match in his favor.

Final Thoughts

In this article, the breakpoint of the tennis game has been discussed, in order for you to understand the specific rules of the tennis game.

So, if you are at a beginner level of the tennis game and don’t have much idea about the breakpoints of the tennis game?

Read this article so you can get much knowledge from this article to understand what is the breakpoint of tennis and what are the two conditions of breakpoints in which the service player or the returning player receives a benefit.

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