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Different rules and different techniques are discussed here to help you play a better and more efficient tennis double position game.

Tennis has been a very demanding game and also helps your body to stay physically active. Don’t we all want to lead in this game with our incredible skills? Playing singles also requires learning the techniques to master the game, but as far as doubles are concerned, these are more complex games than singles and need more time to be learned properly.

In the doubles game, players often find it a bit difficult to gain strength in the game as the court of the game is bigger, there are more players for the play as well as you spend more time at the net.

Further, the players also have to coordinate better at the game with each other to get each point as there is more struggle. So, if you want to create your strength in the doubles game with your partners, just read this article to know about different positioning strategies and tips to flourish in this game well enough, have a grip on the play, offend your counter team, and to get more wins. Learn how to play tennis by yourself.

Tennis Double Positioning Rules

In a tennis game, often the definite positioning is ignored by many players. Either they are standing too far from the net or too close to it. This doesn’t help you much while playing because your position matters a lot in the game as the accurate position is good for you to make the next move. In the tennis game, double positioning is considered an essential part and one must require quite a few directives to adapt for playing a better game in doubles.

1. Grab The Net

First of all, when the second player is serving or playing forward at the game, keep the distance precisely partial between the centerline and the doubles pathway. Maintaining an adequate distance was an important and the most common tactic of Bryan Brothers to stay just a few feet distant from the net to make a good move against the opponent. Grabbing the net repeatedly by moving forward or backward puts a lot of pressure on the counter team often when they are about to stroke the ball.

2. Move Side By Side

This technique is mostly used in tennis doubles and you should also practice it more frequently. Moving sideways in the net, even when the opponent is about to hit a stroke will pressurize him a lot in the game. For the doubles game, you will always learn not to take a shot directly, rather by changing the direction you make it more difficult for the challenger to strike back. It can make them cause errors or lose a point that goes in your favor during the game. But, if you are deceiving them, you can get an easy chance to strike and win a point.

3. Strike The Ball In The Players Feet

Often when I had played tennis, it was more difficult for me to shoot from the down low or from feet than from the upper high part or chest because from the lower region you try to pop the ball up, then it is more difficult to strike to the next side of the net. Likewise, whenever you are playing tennis, strike the ball at their lower side or at their feet and it will make it difficult for them to strike back on the next side. This is a good time for both of the players to strike the ball away. Check out these best tennis balls here.

4. Strike The Ball Deep In The Court

Another important thing to tackle the opponent team is to strike the ball deep in the court. If the service is from the other side, and you are to hit the ball, try to strike it deeply at the court. This will push back the challenger, decreasing their performance rate, while allowing you to step forward for the next move. Eventually, it benefits you in your performance whereas, it weakens the roots of the other team players as you have punched them in their heel, unstabilizing their feet for the next move.

5. Strike In The Middle Of Court

In a long shot, you get more chances to strike back and gain a point, while if you receive a short or a mid-strike, it would be more difficult for you to reach the ball and strike back. So, you may deceive the challenger by striking in the middle of the court, as it makes it difficult for them and they would have to make an effort to reach the ball to strike back. Chances may also be if the opponent couldn’t cover this short time distance, they can lose a point that goes in your favor and in their disservice.

6. Pressurizing The Next Team

If you want to communicate with the challenger team you can strike shortly in the court and cause pressure on them. While you are planning to give them the least chance to approach the ball by confusing them and striking shortly, the one near the net will grab the shot. But, if one of them is a right-handed player and the other is left-handed, it will confuse them more and would be a hindrance to their performance.

7. Strike To The weakest Player

The rule is more often known to everyone, that whenever we want to grab the opponent, we always go for the weakest player to be seized, which prolongs their efforts more. Every team of the volley has a back-end weak player and a forehand fast player to tackle the game at its end. For your advantage, you need to strike the ball more to the weak player. If you shoot the ball harder or deliver him a short strike, it is more likely for him to miss or to deliver you an easy strike ahead.

Concluding all this, I would recommend you to play double tennis with these positioning rules and strategies, it would be more skillful for you. For any of you, playing tennis would not be so hard if you follow the simple guidelines. It can give you more learning about the proper positioning in a doubles tennis game which people often find hard to play efficiently.

Frequently Ask Question | Tennis Doubles Rules

What are the three main ways to set up for a player in positioning double?

If you have found your right partner for the court and have played the first ball, you need to know the three basic positions of court: two up, two back, and one up, one back.

Can you stand anywhere in the double tennis?

You can stand anywhere you want in the court, but maintaining a distance for both of the players is also mandatory. The server can stand anywhere on the half of the court where they serve on each point, while the partner can stand anywhere as far or back towards wherever they want.


In this article, I have discussed different tennis doubles positioning for you to have an idea about doubles play. If you are fond of playing tennis but could not find any proper guide for your doubles play to strengthen your game, you can get help from this article by reading all the guidelines which are necessary for you. All the positioning techniques and also the tactics to strike the opponent player for weakening their play are discussed here in detail to help you more enhance your tennis play.

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