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Enlisted are the tennis tips for beginners that help them in learning the tactics of the game and improving their performance appraisal.

Among the list of sports, tennis is one of the most hardest and interesting games. The game involves a variety of movements including the hitting of a moving ball which is actually very complex. Tennis is one of the best options for workouts as it involves burning lots of calories contributing a major role in health improvement.

This sport is safe to play and is highly cheap as it does not require any expensive pieces of equipment. You will only need to have a tennis racket and the best sports shoes. A tennis player needs to have better mental health while playing the game as any wrong decision can be favorable for the opponent. So here are the best tennis tips listed in this article that can make the newcomers the better performers.

Tennis Tips For Beginners

The first and the most important thing that a beginner should learn are the common shots and basic rules of tennis. Best and appropriate tennis racket, comfortable clothes, and shoes also contribute to maintaining the better performance of the beginner. The basic tip for the players is that while playing the game, they should enjoy themselves, avoiding too many complexities. Learn how to play tennis.


The two stances of tennis are mainly open stance and closed stance that help in increasing the performance efficiency of tennis players. Most of the players prefer to learn only one stance either an open or closed one which makes it difficult for them to hit different balls from various angles.

So in order to improve the performance appraisal of the tennis players, they should learn both open and close stances of the tennis. Learning of both the stances can help the player to get to know about different hitting movements of balls. As tennis is a sport that involves lots of technicalities and complexities, it is very important for a player to know the game from every aspect.

Holding Of Tennis Racket

Another most important tennis tip that beginners should know is the correct way of holding the tennis racket. Eastern, Continental, and Western grips are the three ways of holding the tennis racket. An Eastern grip is the best grip for the players as it includes the dominant hand of the player that is placed at the string face of the third level of index knuckle.

Tennis Rackets

The market is filled with a variety of different rackets of different sizes. So for beginners, the most important tip is to select the best tennis racket according to their grip size and body. The best tennis racket is the one whose string is broken and can be re-strung again. So do not opt for those rackets that are cheap and low in quality as they can affect the performance of the tennis player. Lightweight, higher stiffness rating and durability are the features of the best tennis racket.

Eating Right Food

Staying healthy and mental fitness is the topmost requirement in any sport. For giving the best output results, a tennis player needs to have a good and proper diet as healthy eating can strengthen the player and can improve his performance. It’s better to eat light and healthy meals rather than heavy fried foods before the tennis match that enables the players to do their best in long matches.

Focus On Tennis Ball

While playing tennis, the first priority of the player is to keep an eye on the tennis ball to keep themselves ready for the shots. Focusing on the ball is the pro tip of most professional players, making sure the perfect point of contact each time. Most of the beginners are unaware of this fact that further affects their performance. Learn how to play tennis by yourself.

So in order to learn professional tennis, the player should glue their eyes on a tennis ball that will help them in preparing themselves to hit the next upcoming correct shots from different directions. Hence it is the best skill that a newcomer should learn in order to play professional tennis.

Physical Training

Daily workout and doing cardio is the best tip for beginners that will increase their ability to play long matches. As tennis requires lots of running so doing cardio daily will help in making you physically active and will increase the overall stamina of the players. So surviving in long and lengthy matches, the body and heart of the player should be upto the mark.


Learning footwork can help beginners to improve lots of mistakes while playing tennis. Footwork helps the players to maintain their perfect position while hitting the upcoming shots. Staying on toes will help the player to pursue down the ball. Understand your position while hitting the ball as most of the players get too close to the tennis ball that in return result in bending the elbows.

Swing Motion

The outcome of shots and their direction is dedicated through swing motion. Beginners should focus on the high or low swing while hitting the backhand or forehead. Swing motion creates contact with the tennis ball, starting from low and then reaching to the high motion enabling the players to spin the ball. So for beginners, it is very important to learn the tactics of the swing motion as it helps in chasing the perfect shots.

Is tennis hard for beginners?

Tennis is considered to be one of the hardest games, especially for beginners. As it involves many technicalities, it is very difficult for beginners to focus on the tennis ball and be consistent in maintaining the perfect positions for getting the shots. Due to its Hand-eye coordination, it is a difficult game.

What are the three basic skills that beginners should learn?

Best serving, footwork, and backhand and forehand strokes, and hand-eye coordination are the most basic skills that the beginner should learn while playing tennis.

Is tennis more physical or mental?

Tennis is basically more towards mental rather than physical. While playing tennis, the player should make good decisions regarding footwork and hitting the shots that help them in winning the game. As any faulty decision can turn the game in favor of the opponent.

How can I improve my mental strength in tennis?

By eliminating negative emotions, strategizing, focusing on one point, avoiding self-doubt, and self-confidence can help the player to play the best tennis game. These all factors help the tennis players to be mentally fit and strengthened while playing the tennis game.

What is the most common injury during tennis?

During tennis, the players can suffer from fractures, tunnel syndrome, and wrist strains. These injuries are caused by falling, gripping, and overuse of tennis rackets. Most tennis players suffer from wrist strains which can lead to fractures in serious cases.

What do beginner tennis players need?

As tennis is the cheapest and affordable sport, it does not require any expensive types of equipment. Beginners only need to have the best sports shoes along with a high-quality tennis racket. The tennis court should have a regulation net. The size of the racket should be according to the height of the player.


Tennis is one of the best and hardest games on the sports list. It involves many tactics and complexities due to which it is a difficult game to learn. Beginners should learn the basic rules and tips for maintaining better and efficient performance. Hand-eye coordination is one of the most difficult yet important skills that beginners should learn as the game revolves around this coordination.

Focusing on the tennis ball is another the most noteworthy tennis tip for beginners as it is the secret skill of many professional players. While playing tennis, it is very important to have the best pieces of equipment that include the best sports shoes, lightweight and high-quality tennis racket, and regulating net in the tennis court. It is an affordable game as it does not require any expensive sports equipment.

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