What Are Pressureless Tennis Balls? | Quick Insight

Choosing a tennis ball for professional gameplay or practice sessions we must be aware of the different types of tennis balls available on the market. Visiting local tennis equipment stores or searching online we see almost the same sized balls in different colors.

But all these balls are differently constructed for specific reasons and purposes. All tennis balls brands claim that their tennis balls are best among others for specific purposes and provide great value for price. But we have to research a lot and choose the best one that serves our needs.

Basically there are two main types of tennis balls, pressureless and pressurized tennis balls. They both are constructed differently and used for different purposes. Having the right tennis balls will make all the difference in your tennis game. Read the complete article and know the advantages and use of pressureless balls.

What are Pressureless Ball ?

Advantages of pressureless tennis balls

You would be thinking why it’s called a pressureless tennis ball or low-pressure balls and might not be aware of this kind of balls. Pressure-less balls are the alternative of pressurized tennis balls, players using for practice or recreational play.

These types of low-pressure balls are made with quality materials of thick rubber core and a felt covering. Pressureless balls fill with a low amount of inner air or nitrogen which makes it more hard and dead to strike. Due to the high quality thicker rubber core and low amount of inner pressure these balls are heavier than traditional pressurized tennis balls.

They are highly durable and mostly use for extensive practice sessions with tennis ball machine. These Ball come in variation of colors but mostly in high visible yellow color which makes them interested for kids and junior level player. The high saturated color of these balls help players see them on courts with lowlights condition.

These balls are more durable than any other regular tennis balls. These balls will last longer even in a repetitive use over a lengthy play duration. The Bounce of these balls are lower than standard tennis balls and provide more consistent performance.

Construction of Pressure-less tennis Balls

To understand the difference between pressurized and pressureless tennis balls we need to look at how they are constructed. The main difference between pressurized vs pressureless tennis balls is the rubber core and gas compression inside the ball core.

Pressurized tennis balls are constructed with a quality natural rubber, sulfur, and other chemical compound. The outer felt of these balls is made of a woven fabric of wool or nylon. This helps these balls take high flight which in result produce more bounce and protect the inner core rubber of the balls.  

The manufacturers use gas air or nitrogen inside the pressurized tennis balls rubber core to make the balls bounce and spin more. But the pressurized balls have a small life time and can be dead easily.

On the other hand pressureless tennis balls are constructed with thicker rubber materials and very low inner air or nitrogen gas compression inside the balls core. These balls are solid and bounce low, feel more hard and spin less.

Uses and Advantages of Pressureless Tennis balls

  • They last longer: Standard balls last their bounce after 2-3 hours of play and tear off easily while pressureless tennis balls can last longer even for years.
  • Affordable: They are less expensive than traditional tennis balls.
  • Good on Clay courts: Pressure-less tennis balls are the best choice for players who like playing on clay courts. Low bounce and slow speed help players control the ball on slow surfaces like clay courts.
  • Best balls for the ball machine: Pressure-less tennis balls are good with a tennis ball machine. Because the ball machine can put lots of pressure on the ball which in result makes the balls dead. They are more durable and last longer than pressurized tennis balls when used repetitively on the ball machine.
  • Good for beginners: Pressurized tennis balls are hard for beginners to control due to the ball speed and high bounce. So pressureless balls are the best balls for beginners to use and control easily.

Frequently Ask Question Of What Are Pressure less Tennis Balls?

Are pressureless tennis balls good for practice?

Yes, pressureless tennis balls are good for practice sessions. Because these balls have the capability to retain the bounce for a longer period of time, they are suitable for practice and recreational play.

Why would you use pressureless tennis balls?

These tennis balls are made with high quality rubber core and low inner pressure which makes these balls more durable, long lasting and provide more consistent performance over long periods of gameplay. Pressureless balls are ideal for clay courts and ball machines.


Pressureless tennis balls are really durable and long lasting balls. These are good for practice and provide best performance with the ball machines and slow courts. They provide constant bounce which can help in learning different shots like flat shots and can be controlled easily. 

These balls are cheap and more durable which makes them good for practices and learning sessions. They are only recommended to use as practice tennis balls. Because they are not the official balls for championship tournaments. So you have to use them only for tournament preparations and excessive practice. Best tennis balls for championship are the pressurized balls.

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