What Makes A Good Tennis Player? Expert View

What makes a good tennis player? The basic standards that make an ordinary player a professional player are discussed in the article.

Tennis is a physically strenuous game and keeps you healthy and fit. It also requires hard work and dedication to master the skills of this game. If you want to be good at tennis, maybe you think you must know all the strategies to be a good player of tennis.

But, that’s not all, a good tennis player is not merely made by knowing all the strategies, but also through hard work and perseverance and with competitive abilities. So, what makes a good tennis player? Let’s check out this article. Learn how to play tennis.

What Makes A Good Tennis Player?

The basic standards that make an ordinary player a professional player are discussed below.

1. A Good Tennis Player Is Versatile

Those who know how to endure in their comfort zone may win a great attack from the opponent, but the ones who are persistent with their efforts and work hard always win multiple attacks.

The more you invest, the greater result you get. Mostly, the players are great at hitting from the forehand, but only the eminent ones hit the winners from both ends. A good tennis player knows and endures good serving capability and the basics of groundstrokes. So, a good tennis player must be versatile in every skill of tennis.

2. A Good Player Must Endure A Good Body Language

He must be a master in every skill as well as should be having a command over his body language. Like when you move in the ground, your body language must speak up that you are going to win today. Ever wondered, what is similar between Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Roddick?

They have the same level of confidence on the court and off the court. They know how to remain calm, patient, humble, and maintain eye contact throughout the match. It is these little gestures that paint the bigger features. So, the good player must have command over his body language.

3. A Good Player Knows His Serves

A good tennis player is made of all these features including good serves also. He must be a master in his serves as well. The most powerful players of tennis like Serena William, Venus Williams, and Andre Agassi are well-known over the world because of their smashing returning serves.

While shooting, the player must have his concentration on the ball which places him a step ahead because of a good return. The ones who are weak at returning may baffle and lose the point more easily which benefits the opponent players that exploit the game even more ahead.

So, tennis is a game that requires more practice to be good at it. Learn to play tennis by yourself, if you do not have any tennis partner.

Frequently Ask Question’s | What Makes A Good Tennis Player?

What makes you a good tennis player?

Knowing all the strategies not just makes a good tennis player, also it requires you to be more master in all those skills. Only the prominent ones can hit the ball from both sides. A good tennis player has good serving skills and knows the fundamentals of groundstrokes.

What are the three skills used to play tennis?

For beginners, here are the three main skills required to learn and practice to move to the bigger ground. These three skills are Footwork, Serving, Forehand, and backhand shots. All these skills must be adapted and practiced more frequently to become a good player in tennis.

Final Thoughts

Playing tennis may look easy to you but mastering its skills require more patience and hard work.

To become a good player in any kind of sport, practice is the foremost rule required to master it and some of the best practices need to be applied more frequently. If you take sports as a fun time activity, like football, then tennis is not the one to be left behind.

You need to practice more frequently with perseverance and a lot of hard work. If you want to become a good player, then you may get enough help from this article because I have mentioned all the skills required for becoming a professional tennis player.

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