How To Play Tennis By Yourself

Answer to how to play your tennis game without any partner and how to improve your skills in the game are discussed here. Wouldn’t you like to play tennis to keep yourself fit and healthy? Well, we all would love to. But, what if there is no one to accompany you?

You would sit in your room all day either surfing on the internet or thinking why there is no one to be with you. So, why don’t you try to play tennis by yourself? Wouldn’t it be great? But, the problem is you might not know how to play tennis alone. Not to worry at all, you will be getting your answers in this article about how to play tennis alone.

You all must be confused about playing tennis alone because most of you never tried so. Well, it’s not as difficult as you may think of it. You can try playing tennis alone easily and the best way to practice alone is through the ball machine. It is undoubtedly the best way to practice tennis by yourself and to improve your skills. It also helps you to improve your groundstrokes and shots. Read more about best tennis balls for ball machine review.

How to play tennis by yourself

Practicing tennis also improves your skills besides making you more agile in sports. Nowadays, when the internet has totally taken over all of our activities, playing tennis by yourself is as easy as ABC. Stay connected and read till the end in order to know the 5 simple ways to improve your performance by playing tennis yourself. Read more about what to wear to play tennis.

1. Practice Through Machine Ball

The most efficient way to practice tennis is through a machine ball. You can enhance your skills by adjusting the head of the ball machine according to your need for playing better groundstrokes and overhead shots.

The improved version of the machine ball offers you to adjust the speed of balls protruding towards you, timings, and the angle by the forehands and backhands shots selection mechanism. Ball machines can easily be bought from the sports shop and are easily affordable for you too. But, before buying take note of the following things before you practice tennis:

Throwing Angle

First while practicing tennis, you need to adjust the throwing angle of the machine so that it throws the ball at an accurate position. At the beginning, it might be difficult for you to figure out the correct throwing angle for yourself, but by the time you can adjust it more properly as per your requirements for a better play.

Throw Time

Secondly, the throw time of the ball machine should be according to your demand. So, you need to adjust the throw time which is not too fast and not even too slow for you to have a healthy practice. The beginners may require a slow pace to practice for their game, but as your skills are enhanced you can adjust it more accurately according to you.


Speed of throw of the machine ball also matters a lot while you are practicing tennis. If you are a beginner, you would be practicing at a slow-medium pace but, if you are good at tennis you might be practicing it at medium-high or high speed to uplift your skills more expeditiously. So, adjust the speed of the machine according to your needs.

2. Practice By Hitting Against Wall or Backboard

The second way to practice tennis by yourself is by hitting the tennis ball against a wall or backboard to have quality time practice. It is the most efficient as well as the cheapest way to practice tennis at home or at any place without any equipment except for the racket and the ball. Most of you may also find it difficult at the beginning but it can be adjusted after some episodes of practice

By Wall

Practicing against the wall has also been very useful yet tiring for me but, as I used to practice again and again. It set my pace very well. So, I can recommend this tennis game against the wall for you, even if you don’t have finances to afford equipment for yourself. With just a wall at your home, you can have good practice for a tennis game to enhance your skills. The essential part is, you need to target the points on the wall and can get help to make a target through painter’s taps.

By Backboard

Another way to have good practice to enhance your skills is through the backboard. This is nearly as advantageous as the wall procedure. So, if you have a court with a backboard you can have good practice of tennis. This game is often called a “squash game” and helps to set your pace at tennis. For this, you can practice all alone without any sort of expense.

Monitoring Your Game

If you need a check over your play and shots, you can go with the option of self-monitoring. Where you can detect your flaws and practice them again. Basically, service is something that we all need strongly against the enemy because it is an essential part at the beginning of the game.

It helped me more in maintaining my service score to perform well by monitoring it. Suppose, if you get a service and hit it well, it will be a good point. But, if you miss the second one, it will deduce your point. For the second mistake, it would be a double-deduction for you. So, it can help you a lot in the game. Learn about how many sets are there in a tennis match.

3. Practice Your Footskills

As a skilled player, you need to polish your foot skills on the court to take the charge in the game. For a good game, it is an essential part of it. As you can practice it on your own, so take advantage of it as much as you can. Exercising this can also benefit you in increasing the length of your feet, and it also assists you to have prolonged stamina in the game. Practicing both types of exercises will benefit you more in the game. You can employ cones and sauces at the clear areas of the game.

Line Drills

Start from the second corner of the court, where the double line and the bottom one intersects. Run at the baseline from one corner to the other. Once you reach the corner, then shift to the net and run repeatedly.

Keep your play going and shoot from the centerline along the net. Then knockback from the centerline to the service area, and then from the service area to the double line. Hit from the double line and turn to the net.

Sauce Drills

Place the ball in the center area of your play. Then place it in the center of your service area. And finally shot it in the centerline of each court. Return to the field in the mid-section of the court and strike the ball repeatedly. Repeat these steps again and again until you have many benefits from these practices. These skills help you gain more resilience in your game.

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Tennis is an active physical sport and helps to develop your sprint skills. Tennis can be practiced either with or without a partner. So, if you can’t find anyone to accompany you in your game and still want to enhance your skills, you can play tennis by yourself. You don’t have to rely on anyone for this, rather you can entertain yourself much better. Either you go for Machine ball equipment or even if you cannot take that option, you can go for playing it against a wall or a backboard.

Machine ball helps you develop your skills more efficiently and kick off the target, while the practice of this game against a wall or backboard also helps you gain more efficiency in this game. All this information, I hope would be more beneficial for you to have a better idea for your game and help to build your skills stronger in the tennis game.

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