What To Wear To Play Tennis | Outfit Guide

If you are wondering what to wear to play tennis, then this guide is going to prove to be very beneficial for you.

Are you thinking about starting to play tennis? If you are, you must follow through because tennis is an excellent sport that will spike up your heart rate and get the blood flowing hotly through your veins instantly.

However, the question as to what to wear to the tennis match is a definite head-scratcher. Amongst so many different options, deciding what to wear can be a little confusing. Learn how to play tennis by yourself.

So, to solve your query, I am about to go through the essential items that every tennis player wears to a tennis match, never mind the proficiency level. However, the rules and regulations may vary from club to club, So before you decide on an ensemble, make sure that you check with the dress code of your club. Now, let’s start with the details!

What To Wear To Play Tennis

Tennis Shoes

What to wear to play tennis | Tennis shoes

Tennis shoes are very different from all other shoes in your wardrobe because tennis shoes are structured while keeping a few things in mind, such as breathability, balance, and total weight.

A good pair of tennis shoes are incredibly lightweight and provide excellent support to high-pressure areas such as heals and forefoot.

Most of the tennis shoes have a breathable mesh that promotes efficient air ventilation. Now, taking the tennis shoe etiquette in perspective, you may be required to wear shoes with white soles to protect the court floorings.


Tennis clothes to war to play tennis

The attire you wear to the tennis game may vary slightly with your club’s rules, etiquette allowance, and restrictions. So, before you decide on a particular set of clothing, make sure that you are aware of the dress code followed in your tennis club and try to stick to it.

Otherwise, the management may also restrict you from wearing your expensive dress. However, in general, you may be allowed to wear a pair of cotton tank tops with matching shorts or skirts. Females can also go for a dress with leggings if their club allows it.

Wrist band

Quality tennis wrist band

Although wearing a wristband is not a necessity but wearing it has its own credentials. For instance, your arms are bound to get really sweaty during the game. This sweat can become a nuisance when it slides down to your palms and makes it slippery.

So the best way to avoid this problem is by wearing wristbands. Another benefit of wearing a wristband is that it absorbs the high impact of the hit you take at the ball while playing. However, if you do opt to wear a wristband, make sure that it matches your attire.

SPF Protection

SPF protection

Since global warming has resulted in the depletion of the ozone layer, thus our earth is subject to harmful Ultraviolet light that can cause skin cancer and much more.

So, to protect yourself, you must always apply a considerable amount of sun protection cream with SPF higher than 70 to an outside game. However, if your tennis court is indoor, then there is no need to apply sunscreen.

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Final Words

Assuming that you read the article with all your heart & attention, all your queries regarding what to wear to play tennis must have been resolved.

However, let me give you a little disclaimer, a dress code varies significantly from club to club, so before deciding on an outfit, you must ensure that it is in line with the rule book of your tennis club.

However, the basics are the same; you will need a good pair of tennis shoes, tennis clothes, a good sunscreen, and you are good to go!

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