Best Tennis Balls For Dogs 2024 – Review and buyer guide

Tennis balls for dogs are a great source of joy, fun and physical health activities. We all know that dogs love to play with toys and yes they really enjoy it to the fullest when playing with their favorite ones.

As a dog owner I can not express my happiness when my puppy is playing with tennis balls. We both enjoy the moments when we are there in the lawn to play with each other with the ball. I used these balls to train him as well and I have seen a significant change in my little puppy’s health after playing with these dogs’ specific tennis balls.

After using a number of balls of different brands for my dog. Me and my little puppy decided to let you all know about the pros and cons of these best dogs tennis balls.

In this article we have reviewed different tennis balls designed mainly for dogs. I know that there are a number of dog’s specific tennis balls available on the market. But we have reviewed the best among them on the basis of our real time experience, considering ball quality, durability and price.

And we have make it sure that you get the top tennis balls for dogs. After this detail review article you will be able to purchase one of the safest tennis ball for your dog. Looking no further than these tennis ball for your pup.

Top Tennis Balls for Dogs At A Glance

Dogs Friendly
Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports - Indestructible Tennis Ball
Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports – Indestructible Tennis Ball
  • Benefits: Stable bounce control, Last longer, Environmental friendly
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Puppy Choice
The Dog's Balls - Dog Safe Tennis Balls
“The Dog’s Balls – Dog Safe Tennis Balls”
  • Benefits: High durable balls, Perfect size for dogs to catch, Truly stood up to rough treatment
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High Bouncy
Chuckit! Tennis Ball
Chuckit! Tennis Ball
  • Benefits: Friendly for dogs teeth & gums, Soft and durable balls, It can easily be used with ball launchers
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Small Breeds
Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs
Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs
  • Benefits: They last longer and chewable, Ideal for small dogs, Bounce nicely
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A Squeaky Ball
Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz
Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz
  • Benefits: Constant playing quality, Good for chewer dogs, Last longer than the regular squeak tennis balls
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Sports Dog Ball
Banfeng Giant 9.5
Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball
  • Benefits: It’s pretty durable, Consistent bounce quality, Good for dogs play
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Perfect Dogs Ball
Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs
Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs
  • Benefits: These last longer, Perfect bounce rate, Not easily shred
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Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
  • Benefits: Ideal for toy-destroyer obsessed dogs, Dogs can play longer with these balls, Endlessly chase-able balls
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Pet Game Ball
Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls
“Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls”
  • Benefits: Squeaky sounds and last longer, Chewable balls, They float in water and fit in dog mouth
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Best Tennis Balls for Dogs

1. Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports – Indestructible Ball

Best tennis balls for dogs by woof sports

These dog chewer toys by Woof Sports are my favorite balls to purchase for my dog and my dog also loves to play with them. Woof Sports balls are the high quality tennis balls in terms of durability and bouncing consistency. And the quality of these balls makes me go with it.

These balls are unmatched in quality with other ball available on the market. They have used a very thick rubber skin on these balls to make sure it is not easily chuck or chewed by dogs. These balls are soft but yet strong in durability.

Woof Sport dog tennis balls toy come in highly bright color and higher quality than traditional balls, which makes it more special for dogs and due the high visibility of color it can be effortlessly found in playground. We know that dogs have more fun with bright-colored toys.

  • Stable bounce control
  • Last longer
  • Environmental friendly quality
  • Not too much bouncy

The dimension of these balls is 2.6 inches, similar to standard tennis balls but these balls are slightly heavier than standard balls and less bouncy, so it makes it easier for dogs to chase. So if you are looking for budget friendly and yet good quality balls, go with Woof Sport balls.

2. The Dog’s Balls – Dog Safe Balls

best tennis balls for dogs | The Dog's Balls

The Dog’s balls are available in two colors (yellow and blue) and three sizes (small, medium, and large). These balls are made with pure rubber to give a soft and healthy feel to dogs’ mouths. The softness of the balls make sure of not causing any issues to dog health.

The dog’s balls are much brighter in color than traditional tennis balls. So it can easily be found by dogs while playing on grass or any other training surface. The ball manufacturers tried to make it more playful for dogs. The materials (dyes, Ink, and stamps) used in these balls are totally safe for dogs’ health.

These balls are ideal for chewing dogs because they are of high quality. They are very helpful for us as a dog’s owner to train our dogs for hunting and other activities. These balls help dogs to learn how to focus and chase things because of their large size. And good for physical health activities as well.

  • High durable dogs balls
  • Perfect size for dogs to catch
  • Truly stood up to rough treatment
  • It does not have a squeaky feature

These balls have thicker sphere walls, more flashy colors, soft and multiple sizes than standard balls. These are good balls to play fetch games with dogs. I fully recommend you to buy the balls and let your pets enjoy their best lives.

3. Chuck It! Tennis Ball – Tennis balls made for dogs

Chuckit! Tennis Ball | Best Tennis balls for dogs

ChuckIt balls are one of the highest-quality balls available on the market. These balls are uniquely designed for dogs. Chuk-It balls are soft, bright orange balls. Designed with an extra thick layer of rubber, which makes it safest tennis balls for dogs teeth.

These are lightweight balls that can be easily carried in a dog’s mouth. You can use it for indoor and outdoor fetching activities with your dog as well. Bouncy on dry surfaces and yet best for water fetching activities as well.

These Chuck-It balls are very durable yet soft when held in the mouth. It is a good option for average chewers, but not for aggressive chewers. These pure natural rubber balls are available in a pack of four in medium size and can be used with any ball launcher.

  • Friendly for dogs teeth & gums
  • Soft and durable balls
  • It can easily be used with ball launchers
  • They might get tear if used aggressively

Playing with these balls will be an exciting activity for you and your dog to create an unexplainable bond with each other. As these are soft and yet durable balls.

4. Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

Zanies balls are the best dog toys for small pets and puppies. These mini-dog balls are made of a combination of highly saturated colors. That makes these balls more enjoyable for puppies and dogs to chase.

These balls are smaller in size than other dog balls. They have only 2.6 inches of diameter, which makes them easy for little dogs to carry in their mouths.

Minis chew toys are soft and made from high quality rubber. Due to the softness and quality of the rubber, these balls are safe for puppies teeth. Zanies balls have good bounce, so dogs can chase them and play fetch.

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  • They last longer and chewable
  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Bounce nicely
  • The hard rubber might hurt the teeth

Your dog can play with them on wet and dry surfaces. These balls are waterproof and can be used to fetch in water and dry places. These can be easily washed and cleaned. If you are deciding on a budget-friendly product, you can purchase this brand of balls. It will bring some joy and playtime to your puppies.

5. Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

Best tennis balls for dogs | Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

The Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz are the high quality dog tennis balls available on the market. These toy balls are made with the finest rubber which makes them completely safe for your puppy’s mouth.

These dog toy come in multiple colors of red, blue, orange, and yellow. Due to the highly bright color of these balls, my puppy loves to play and fetch. Outward toy squeaker is suitable for dogs of all sizes (small, medium and large dogs) because these balls available in XS and large sizes.

These balls can be held in the mouth of dogs easily and the squeaking sound will increase their excitement to fetch. These squeaky tennis balls for dogs are soft and durable, and will not cause any damage to your puppy’s health.

  • Constant playing quality
  • Good for chewer dogs
  • Last longer than the regular squeak tennis balls
  • Might be Very bouncy

If your dogs love to chase and fetch with bounce balls toys these will be the perfect option for you to purchase. Using these balls will get your dog more healthy and have hours of fun playtime. Thanks to the manufacturer for making these highly durable balls.

6. Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball

Banfeng Giant 9.5" Dog Tennis Ball Large Pet Toys Funny Outdoor Sports Dog Ball

If your puppy loves to play games with tennis balls toys then you have to get them a Banfeng Giant dog tennis ball. Banfeng dog entertainment toys come with a large size of 9.5 and inflatable needles. It comes in the same yellow color of standard tennis balls.

This pet product is made of solid rubber materials, which makes it safe for dog’s teeth. These toy balls are highly durable and will not tear off easily. All the materials used for these balls are non-toxic and totally safe for dogs teeth. You can make the balls bigger with the needle, so it will not be chewed and swallowed by a dog and will last longer.

These giant toys for dogs are perfect for outdoor dog sports. Because it can be easily found due to its large size and high visible yellow color. Good for dog training and physical exercises. Will boost your dog’s stamina and overall health. These are one of the best balls for dog’s playtime and add more fun to their lives.

  • It’s pretty durable
  • Consistent bounce quality
  • Good for dogs play
  • This might not be easy to carry around

The Banfeng Giant balls are also called larger pet toys but it can be used for any other type of pets as well. These balls can not be held in the mouths of pets and dogs which makes these balls last longer than any other dog tennis balls. Also these are thicker balls than normal pet balls and you can inflate these balls as well if not using them.

7. Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

best tennis balls toys for dogs | Hyper Pet Tennis Balls for Dogs

Hyper dog-specific tennis balls are specifically designed to Play Fetch. I’ve been a dog owner for many years, and I have tried a lot of different dog toys.

But the favorite fetch toys of my pup are Hyper Tennis Balls. These dog toys are made from high-quality rubber that can make them last longer for aggressive chew dog. My dog loves to chew on toys, and these balls help us have quality playtime.

These balls are made with non-toxic material, so it’s safe for dogs to hold in their mouths. These pet toys are bright in colors, so they can be easy to detect in the grass or dirt. These bright orange tennis balls are my pup favorites to play chase and fetch. You have to choose the right size ball for your dog to not chuck, as these tennis balls for dogs come in two different sizes of (1.5 mini ball and 2.5 a regular ball).

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  • These last longer
  • Perfect bounce rate
  • Not easily shred
  • That might easily tear off

If you’re looking for a durable, brightly colored, and bouncy toys for dogs on the market, I highly recommend the Hyper Pet Tennis Balls for Dogs. The reason why I recommend these pet products to other dog owners is because they are highly durable, bouncy, bright in color, and provide great value for price. You won’t be disappointed!

8. Boomer Ball

Boomer Ball toy for dogs | best tennis balls for dogs

If you’re looking for a durable, bouncy, and fun fetch toy for your dog, look no further than the Company of Animals Dog Boomer Ball. These Boomer balls are highly durable and made of reliable polyethylene rubber materials. These balls come with unique blue and red colors with different sizes.

These dog balls are really good for toys obsessed destroyer dogs, as they can not be chewed or punctured because of their size. These enrichment toys are safe for dog’s health and will not be chucked. These toys are hard for puppies to hold in their mouths, because of their large sizes.

These balls have the sole purpose of playing and rolling over. These are best choice for dogs that love to run after the rolling objects. These thick sphere balls are good for dog training and exercise. These outdoor toys will be washed off easily, so you can have a hygienic ball for your dog playtime.

  • Ideal for toy-destroyer obsessed dogs
  • Dogs can play longer with these balls
  • Endlessly dogs chase-able balls
  • Not pick-able in dogs mouth

The Boomer Balls are puncture-proof and can float on the surface of water. It is a hard, tough ball that cannot be ripped or shredded into pieces by sharp teeth. The size might be too big for some of the small breed dogs to play with. I highly recommend these balls as they are economical and yet high quality balls.

9. Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls

Best Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls for dogs

The Kong Air Squeaker balls are the last balls in the list of the best tennis balls for dogs. If you are looking for something high quality and entertainment toys to get for your pets or dogs, then you can have them. These squeaky tennis balls make an interesting squeaky sound which makes these balls more compelling for dogs to chase.

To tell you that my Boykin Spaniel loved these squeaky tennis balls toys a lot to play game of fetch. They are hard in nature and my puppy can not chew them easily with their teeth. The hardness of these interactive toys is yet safe for dogs’ mouths. You can choose the best sized tennis balls for your dog or pup. They are coming in three different sizes and good for medium large dogs as well.

These fetching toys have bright colors like standard tennis balls, making them good to play indoor and outdoor training and exercise games, and your dog will easily find them on grass and dry areas.

  • Squeaky sounds and last longer
  • Chewable balls
  • They float in water and fit in dog mouth
  • Nill

These Kong Air Squeaker balls toys are durable and bouncy. You can use them to train your puppy to focus and chase. I do recommend these fetch balls as they are reliable in dogs mouths and perfectly fit in chuck-it.

Buying Guide

Human beings and dogs have an exceptional bond. Dogs are known to be very loyal and caring pets. They love to play and cuddle with humans. They enjoy long walks in the park and some playtime on the weekends. Many dog toys are available on market that are used to play with dogs. Some companies manufacture tennis balls specifically for dogs who love to play fetch and chess. While pampering your fur baby with the amazing tennis ball, keep the following things in mind:


While buying the tennis balls, good quality balls shall be purchased for your dogs. Tennis balls made with low-quality materials can be harmful to dogs health. They can irritate the mouth and damage the teeth. Some balls might have gases in them. When held in its mouth, it can tear off and can be inhaled by the dog. This can severely damage the pet, making them sick. What to consider in the quality of interactive dog toysballs?

  • Durability
  • Non-toxic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Ball Size
  • Color
  • Price


For pampering your pet, it is recommended to buy bright-colored tennis balls. While playing in green bushy areas, the bright colors can be located easily by the dog. They stand out and have an attractive appearance. The dogs like to play with the vibrant color objects, and it makes them excited.


Unlike the typical tennis balls, A tennis balls for dogs are made with a lightweight feel. The bounce rate of such balls should be appropriate for your dog to catch not higher than midair. The balls which do not bounce are of no use. They do not attract pets. If the ball bounces when thrown, the dogs run after them automatically and enjoy playing. These four-legged creatures love to cuddle and play with the rolling objects.


Different shapes and sizes of tennis balls are available in the market, ranging from regular tennis balls to huge giant balls. The size of ball should be selected according to the size of your dog. If you have a small dog like a Chihuahua, a small or medium-sized ball should be bought; he can easily hold. Big tennis balls will be of no use for them.

If you have a dog that belongs to a large breed family e.g, a Golden Retriever, then it is recommended to buy a big ball for them to play with. Small balls can be dangerous as when held into the mouth can be swallowed or choke the dog, which is highly dangerous.

Dental Deterioration

Dogs have the habit of holding everything in their mouth. A soft tennis ball should be given to them for playing. It does not wear off their teeth, and will not causing any damage. If the ball is hard, it can break the teeth, bruising the tooth pulp. It is also important to clean the balls before giving them to dogs. While rolling on the ground, they can catch fuzz which can also damage the teeth.

Frequently Ask Question Of Best Tennis Balls For Dogs


Dogs and human beings can have amazing companionship. You can pamper these loving creatures, and they will show you some amazing gestures in return. Dogs love to play, especially when it comes to rolling over games. Special tennis balls are being manufactured for dogs that are healthy and safe to use. A list of the best balls for dogs is mentioned above. You can buy the perfect tennis ball for your fur baby after reading this detailed article.

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