Best Tennis Ball for Dogs – Review & Buying Guide

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Choose from the mentioned Best Tennis Ball for Dogs to spend some quality time and develop an irreplaceable bond with your fur baby. Dogs are your fur baby that can be domesticated for companionship.

They are extremely loving and can make your small tiny world a better place. These four-legged creatures have different personalities and physical activity levels. They love to play outdoors, especially when it is the summertime. And it is not a hidden fact that the dogs love to play, especially with the balls.

Playing and spending time with each other can help you make an amazing bond with them. It is good for their health as well. You can take the dogs out on a walk or play in the house with them in the evening. They love to play fetch with their owners. You can throw the ball as far as you want, and they will run to pick it up.

However, the balls can be harmful to the dog’s mouth and teeth. They are made with materials that can irritate their mouth and make them choke if stuck while playing. But you need not worry because many tennis ball companies are making special balls for dogs that are safe and healthy to use.

These tennis balls are soft, do not irritate the mouth, and are made with materials that are not harmful to the dog’s health. Several companies manufacture these tennis balls for the dogs to play, and some of the best are listed below. If you’ve interest in cricket then you can check out our review on best tennis balls for cricket here.

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Best Tennis Balls for Dogs At A Glance

Dogs Friendly
Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports - Indestructible Tennis Ball
Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports – Indestructible Tennis Ball
  • Benefits: Stable bounce control, Last longer, Environmental friendly quality
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Puppy Choice
The Dog's Balls - Dog Safe Tennis Balls
“The Dog’s Balls – Dog Safe Tennis Balls”
  • Benefits: High durable dogs balls, Perfect size for dogs to catch, Truly stood up to rough treatment
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High Bouncy
Chuckit! Tennis Ball
Chuckit! Tennis Ball
  • Benefits: Friendly for dogs teeth & gums, Soft and durable balls, It can easily be used with ball launchers
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Small Breeds
Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs
Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs
  • Benefits: They last longer and chewable, Ideal for small dogs, Bounce nicely
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A Squeaky Ball
Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz
Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz
  • Benefits: Constant playing quality, Good for chewer dogs, Last longer than the regular squeak tennis balls
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Sports Dog Ball
Banfeng Giant 9.5
Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball
  • Benefits: It’s pretty durable, Consistent bounce quality, Good for dogs play
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Perfect Dogs Ball
Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs
Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs
  • Benefits: These last longer, Perfect bounce rate, Not easily shred
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Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
  • Benefits: Ideal for toy-destroyer obsessed dogs, Dogs can play longer with these balls, Endlessly chase-able balls
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Pet Game Ball
Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls
“Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls”
  • Benefits: Squeaky sounds and last longer, Chewable balls, They float in water and fit in dog mouth
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Best Tennis Balls for Dogs

1. Dog Tennis Balls by Woof Sports – Indestructible Tennis Ball

Best tennis balls for dogs by woof sports

Dogs have sharp teeth with an amazing grip. These woof sports tennis balls are thick and increase durability. They cannot be easily torn or chewed by the dogs now. These balls come in a reusable mesh bag that can be easy and perfect to carry if playing outside in the park.

These tennis balls have a bright orange color with some white detailing on both sides. When you are out playing in the garden, these balls can easily be spotted because of their bright appearance. They can be used by dogs of any size but are specially made for small breed dogs.

These are made up of thick rubber and can be bounced till the midair. They are heavier than the tennis balls so they do not bounce higher, move far away, and get lost. They come in a pack of twelve and are the best tennis balls that can be used to spend quality time with your fur baby.

  • Stable bounce control
  • Last longer
  • Environmental friendly quality
  • Not too much bouncy

The woof sports tennis balls come in a bright orange color that can be detected anywhere in the grass. These are made with rubber and can be recycled as well. Due to the increased thickness, they are not as bouncy enough as the typical tennis balls.

2. The Dog’s Balls – Dog Safe Tennis Balls

best tennis balls for dogs | The Dog's Balls

The Dog’s Ball comes in many different colors and three sizes, i.e, small, medium, and large. They are made up of non-toxic natural rubber that is safe for dogs to play with. They won’t cause any irritation in the mouth and can be bought in size suitable for your dog. These balls are very light weighing 1.7 pounds only.

The bright colors of the ball make them detect easily. The dyes, inks, and stamps used in the coloring of these balls are safe to use. They can be cleaned and washed off easily after the playing session is over. Compared to the typical tennis balls, these are thick in size, making them tear-proof, providing long playful evenings with the dog.

Dogs usually chase smaller animals when outside of the house. The dog’s tennis ball can help you make them focus and get trained. These can also help your dog to stay physically active and increase its prey drive as well. The bigger size available in these balls do not choke your dog while running and are the best tennis balls that can be ever bought.

  • High durable dogs balls
  • Perfect size for dogs to catch
  • Truly stood up to rough treatment
  • It does not have a squeaky feature

The Dog’s Ball is available in many bright colors and three sizes which can be bought according to what your dogs like to play with. These are made with non-toxic materials such as inks, dyes, and glues, etc. These do not make a sound when air is squeezed out of the ball.

3. Chuck It! Tennis Ball – Dog Friendly Tennis Ball

Chuckit! Tennis Ball | Best Tennis balls for dogs

These bright blue and orange balls are made up of a blend of materials. They have an extra-thick rubber core which makes them very durable and soft. The natural rubber used in the manufacturing of these balls can help you make them throw far away which in return causes the increased physical activity of the dog.

These Chuck-It balls are very durable yet soft when held in the mouth. These rubber balls are available in a pack of four, in medium size, and can be used with any ball launcher. This can be an exciting activity for you and your dog to play and create an unexplainable bond with each other.

These balls are very lightweight and can float on the water. It makes them best to use in the pool as well. You can simply enjoy it with your dog on the beach on a hot summer day. These balls are attractive to play with, are healthy to use for your dog, and can be an amazing tool to train them as well.

  • Friendly for dogs teeth & gums
  • Soft and durable balls
  • It can easily be used with ball launchers
  • They might get tear if used aggressively

The chuck-it tennis ball is waterproof and very lightweight. It can be used as an amazing water toy. These are extremely flexible when held in the mouth and are compatible with every ball launcher. These balls might tear off when used aggressively by the dogs.

4. Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

Zanies Mini Tennis Balls for Dogs

If your dog loves playing outside in the garden, these are the best balls that can be used. They have a diameter of two inches and are available in multicolor. These bright pink, green, and orange tones make the dog easily detect them when launched at faraway places. They are very lightweight, weighing almost 50 pounds.

The Zanies Mini Tennis Ball has a diameter of two inches and is suitable for small dogs only. If used by the tall big dogs for playing purposes, they can make them choke because of their petite size. They have a rough texture which makes them sturdy and durable. They cannot tear off easily.

Unlike the typical tennis ball, these balls might not be bouncy enough. They are made with tough rubber that keeps them in shape for a longer period of time. These small balls can be best if you have a Chihuahua or any other breed which is small in size.

  • They last longer and chewable
  • Ideal for small dogs
  • Bounce nicely
  • The hard rubber might hurt the teeth

The Zanies Mini Tennis Ball is available in multicolor and is best for small dogs. These are made with tough rubber that the dogs cannot tear-offs. These lightweight mini tennis balls can be hard for some dogs to hold in their mouths.

5. Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

Best tennis balls for dogs | Outward Hound Squeaker Ballz

The Outward Hound Squeaker Ball comes in many styles and sizes, ranging from extra small to large. The large variety of these tennis balls makes them suitable for every breed. They are also available in several different colors that make them very attractive to play with.

It is a great combination of a squeaky toy and a colorful ball which can be your dog’s favorite toy to play with. The squeaky sounds can help assure this four-legged creature that it has a strong bite and helps him keep progressing and motivates him to learn new activities every day.

These Outward Hound balls are made up of premium rubber that increases their durability and makes them long-lasting. They can be bounced up into the air like the typical tennis ball. These balls have the ability to move faster which makes your dog run faster to catch it. This increases physical activity and makes them respond to orders as well. Looking for something like pressureless tennis balls? You can get a complete review on best pressureless tennis balls here.

  • Constant playing quality
  • Good for chewer dogs
  • Last longer than the regular squeak tennis balls
  • Might be Very bouncy

These balls have a wide variety of styles and colors that makes them suitable for all breeds. They are manufactured with premium rubber which makes them bouncy and easy to play with. Due to the many color options available, they can be used indoors and outdoors as well. They can be very bouncy and get lost easily.

6. Banfeng Giant 9.5″ Dog Tennis Ball

Banfeng Giant 9.5" Dog Tennis Ball Large Pet Toys Funny Outdoor Sports Dog Ball

This is a huge tennis ball that comes with inflating needles. These are best when you are training your puppies around the house or trying to develop their habits. These giant balls can be inflated according to the size you want for your pet. These can be ideal for exercising and fun activities with your fur baby.

These can also be used for other pets like cats and come in the typical yellow color like most tennis balls. These Banfeng Giant balls are made up of non-toxic rubber, making them safe if the dog wants to bite it. They are 9.5” and come with a bonus needle.

Due to their large size, they cannot be held in the mouth, which makes them very long-lasting over the years. This also helps the dog to improve their walk movements and play other games rather than fetch play. This large bright color ball is the best gift you can give to pamper them on their birthday. Get a complete review on best tennis balls for practice here.

  • It’s pretty durable
  • Consistent bounce quality
  • Good for dogs play
  • This might not be easy to carry around

The Banfeng Giant ball does not tear off easily because it’s huge in size. It is made with rubber that makes it more durable. This can be the best tennis ball for the dog as it enables them to play and exercise simultaneously. But due to its large size, it cannot be carried around easily.

7. Hyper Pet Tennis Balls For Dogs

best tennis balls toys for dogs | Hyper Pet Tennis Balls for Dogs

They are available in three colors, i.e, pink, orange, and yellow. They also have two sizes: mini is 1.75, and the regular is 2.5”. Both the sizes and colors can be used to play and train your dogs at any stage of their lives. They need to learn and observe some rules around the house.

The Hyper Pet Tennis Balls are made with non-toxic and non-abrasive materials and can be bought without a second thought. These are very safe to be carried in the mouth and do not damage the dog’s teeth as well. You can choose a suitable size that does not choke the dog when it plays around.

They have a solid pattern made with rubber which makes them flexible. They can work best with any of the ball launchers and have no added gases in the making. If torn, it is not dangerous if the pet inhales the airt inhales the air. Hence these can be the best balls for dogs designed to have interactive sessions with the owner developing a good bond. Checkout this collection of best tennis balls for ball machine here.

  • These last longer
  • Perfect bounce rate
  • Not easily shred
  • That might easily tear off

The Hyper Pet Tennis Balls are made with non-toxic and non-abrasive materials. No added gas is filled in the balls, which makes them safe for the dogs. It is a flexible ball but can be torn off easily.

8. Boomer Ball

Boomer Ball toy for dogs | best tennis balls for dogs

The Boomer Ball is available in red and blue colors in different sizes. These balls are specially designed for dogs that love to run after the rolling objects. These cannot be held in the mouth like the other tennis balls. They are made with polyethylene material which can be cleaned off easily.

These balls cannot be chewed or put into the mouth. They have the sole purpose of playing and rolling over. This is a thick ball that can help you train the dogs and exercise, increasing their stamina and making them physically active. Spending time together during these activities can help create a beautiful companionship among both of you.

The Boomer Balls are puncture-proof and can float on the surface of the water. It is a hard, tough ball that cannot be ripped or shredded into pieces by sharp teeth. This can be the perfect tennis ball for this four-legged creature that likes to play outdoors. Read more about Best tennis balls for clay courts review here

  • Ideal for toy-destroyer obsessed dogs
  • Dogs can play longer with these balls
  • Endlessly dogs chase-able balls
  • Not pick-able in dogs mouth

The Boomer Ball is a lightweight puncture-proof ball available in two different colors. These can be washed off easily and can be hygienic for the dogs. They can roll over easily and are best for any kind of physical activity. The size might be too big for some of the small breed dogs to pick up.

9. Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls

Best Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls for dogs

This is a perfect squeaky ball that can be used to give signs and signals to your pet and make them understand. The sounds help the dogs recognize things and take actions according to what is being said by the owner. It is the best toy that can be used for training new puppies.

These Kong Air Squeaker Tennis Balls are made with high-quality rubber and non-abrasive materials that cannot wear off easily. This hard material is safe to use by the dogs. They do not damage the mouth or the teeth and are totally healthy for the pets to use.

They come in three sizes, and the one suitable can be bought for your fur baby. These squeaky balls have a bright yellow color, making them easily located on the grass or inside the bushes. These tennis balls can be the best for pampering your dog a little bit on the weekends while playing together.

  • Squeaky sounds and last longer
  • Chewable balls
  • They float in water and fit in dog mouth
  • Nill

The Kong Air Tennis Ball is made with rubber and makes the best squeaky sounds. This helps your four-legged to enjoy the playtime. It comes in a bright yellow color which can be located easily after being thrown. If your dog is harsh, these balls might not last long.

Buying Guide

Human beings and dogs have an exceptional bond. Dogs are known to be very loyal and caring pets. They love to play and cuddle with humans. They enjoy long walks in the park and some playtime on the weekends. Many toys are available in the market that can be used to play with the dogs, but some companies manufacture specifically for the dogs to play with. While pampering your fur baby with the amazing tennis ball, keep the following things in mind:


While buying the tennis balls, good quality balls shall be purchased for your dogs. Tennis balls made with low-quality materials can be harmful to the dog’s health. They can irritate the mouth and damage the teeth. Some balls might have gases in them. When held in its mouth, it can tear off and can be inhaled by the dog. This can severely damage the pet, making them sick.


For pampering your pet, it is recommended to buy bright-colored tennis balls. While playing in green bushy areas, the bright colors can be located easily by the dog. They stand out and have an attractive appearance. The dogs like to play with the vibrant color objects, and it makes them excited.


Unlike the typical tennis balls, these balls made for dogs are lightweight. They should bounce but not higher than the midair. The balls which do not bounce are of no use. They do not attract pets. If the ball bounces when thrown, the dogs run after them automatically and enjoy playing. These four-legged creatures love to cuddle and play with the rolling objects.


Different shapes and sizes of tennis balls are available in the market, ranging from small to huge giant balls. The size of the ball should be selected according to the breed you have. If you have a small dog like a Chihuahua, a small or medium-sized ball should be bought; he can easily hold. Big tennis balls will be of no use for them.

If you have a dog that belongs to a large breed family e.g, a Golden Retriever, then it is recommended to buy a big ball for them to play with. Small balls can be dangerous as when held into the mouth can be swallowed or choke the dog, which is highly dangerous.

Dental Deterioration

Dogs have the habit of holding everything in their mouth. A soft tennis ball should be given to them for playing. It does not wear off their teeth, causing any damage. If the ball is hard, it can break the teeth, bruising the tooth pulp. It is also important to clean the balls before giving them to dogs. While rolling on the ground, they can catch fuzz which can also damage the teeth.

Frequently Ask Question Of Best Tennis Balls For Dogs


Dogs and human beings can have amazing companionship. You can pamper these loving creatures, and they will show you some amazing gestures in return. Dogs love to play, especially when it comes to rolling over games. Special tennis balls are being manufactured for dogs that are healthy and safe to use. A list of the best tennis balls for dogs is mentioned above. You can buy the perfect tennis ball for your fur baby after reading this detailed article.

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